Can You Waterski With a Pontoon Boat?

Boats are some of the most fun that you can have in nice summer weather — especially pontoon boats. Pontoon boats are a sort of jack-of-all-trades kind of boat. They are great for a fun day of cruising the waters, enjoying a relaxing fishing trip, or having a great day out with the family. One question that people tend to ask us here at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Hartwell is: can the boat share pontoon boat pull a waterskier or innertuber? In today’s blog here at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Hartwell, we dive into the logistics of waterskiing with a pontoon boat! 

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Yep, kinda

So, let’s get into it. Can you waterski behind a pontoon boat? The answer is: yes, but there are a few requirements. First, you should know that waterskiing behind a pontoon boat is mostly for beginners. Expert water skiers might feel a bit bored or unchallenged when being towed by a pontoon boat, but pontoon boats are perfect for first-time water skiers or water skiing beginners! 

Essentially, the wake the pontoons generated isn’t as robust and shapely as wakes generated from other boats. More advanced water skiers tend to enjoy more extreme wakes to jump off of and provide some versatility in what they can do. But, the more mild wake is certainly a plus for those who aren’t as comfortable water skiing.

Additionally, pontoon boats limit more advanced water skiers because they aren’t as agile as some other boats. Think of a pontoon boat like the SUV of boats — lots of space and really versatile, but not the most precise handling and maneuverability. 

Speed is of the Essense

One of the most crucial aspects of being able to waterski behind a pontoon boat is speed. About 25 miles per hour seems to be the sweet spot for many water skiers. Some prefer it slower and others prefer a little more speedy experience, but the minimum speed necessary to be able to stand up on skis is a little more than 20 miles per hour or so. 

More Power

In order to achieve the necessary speed to get up on skis, you are going to need a little power. How much power depends on how much weight is on your boat, how much your skier weighs, amongst other factors. For the most part, though, a boat with about 90 horsepower should work just fine. Lighter boats can get away with as little as 70 horsepower, but essentially you need enough power to get you the waterskiing speed. 

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