The wind is rushing through your hair, the water is splashing up to cool you down, and your kids are laughing in the bow — does life get any better?

Here at Freedom Boat Club, we think that’s just about as good as it gets. However, when you join Freedom Boat Club to enjoy Lake Hartwell, we think the benefits get even better. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss four reasons to join our Lake Hartwell boating club. Whether you’re interested in lake boats, speed boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, or even sailboats, we have all you and your family are looking for. Visit Freedom Boat Club today to take advantage of boat rental.

It’s Affordable

Here at the Clemson Marina, we know just how expensive boating can get. If you want to have fun with friends and family out on the lake but the costs are prohibitive, we understand. That’s where boat rental comes into the picture. Instead of buying a boat and taking care of storage costs for years to come, you can simply join Freedom Boat Club to cut the costs. On top of this, you won’t be paying for maintenance, you’ll have access to all of the boats in our fleet and in 100+ boat-share locations across the country, and you can save $1,500 off your membership. The boat rentals in our fleet cost $25,000 to $65,000 — why not save on money but get to enjoy all of the boats?

It’s A Fun, Easy Way To Create Memories

Family boats for a day out with the family and speed boats for a day on Lake Hartwell with friends — it’s the dream! With Freedom Boat Club, you have a variety of options that will allow you to have diverse activities to do with different groups of people. You children will love looking back on the time they spent on Lake Hartwell in a range of different boats.

It’s Active

It’s summer here at Lake Hartwell, and we simply don’t believe life should be spent holed up inside playing video games or not interacting with others. When you join a boat club, you’ll have an easy, convenient way to get outside and soak in those rays or burn some calories (and it’s way more fun than the gym).

It’s Stress-Free

You don’t have to take care of insurance, winterization, oil changes, licensing fees, engine or propeller repairs, and more! Sure, skipping out on all of this saves you money — but it also saves you incalculable stress. We’ll take care of everything for you when you join our boat club, so you can simply enjoy your time on Lake Hartwell.

Join The Lake Hartwell Boating Club Today

Convinced yet? We thought so. Our boating club just makes sense. Visit us today, check out our member benefits, explore our fleet, and make our boating club your own. Join our boating club today — the boats are waiting.